We provide high quality drinking water to 5.6 million clients every day. They did not choose us as their drinking water provider, they just happen to live or work in our supply area. That is why it is even more important that these clients are satisfied with the product, that they are able to take care of water-related matters effortlessly and that we offer them adequate service. They should be able to have a blind trust in that, partly through a transparent, proactive and personal information supply.

Motive for more research

Changing needs
Every client is different. While some prioritise safety, other clients think sustainability is the most important matter. Clients also demand more transparency about the water quality and quantity that we provide, as well as real-time insight and optimal customer service. The importance of trust in the safety, the distribution, and health aspects of the drinking water, and in Vitens as an organisation has grown. The more so in view of economic, political and social developments, and the amount of information and news sources. 

Increasing possibilities in terms of digitalisation, technology and the use of data, can help us with our customer service and may lead to higher client satisfaction. 24/7 service and easily available information and administrative data, in line with the needs of the client, are possible due to the impact of modernisation and digitalisation. 

Social task
Providing drinking water is our legal obligation. Care and attention for our sources is a part of that. Without a source, there is no drinking water. In the areas in which we operate more and more interests play a role, so we have to search for value creation with other stakeholders, based on joint aspirations. That also requires involvement of our clients and awareness of the value of drinking water and groundwater sources.

Objectives of this research theme
  • Offering all relevant real-time information to our clients through digital channels that can be used effortlessly and easily;
  • Gaining insight into the ideal customer journey and a total view of what clients expect from us. We possess the right tools and skills that are essential for controlling this (in service and infrastructure), so that the satisfaction increases and client-related processes become easier;
  • Clients join us in taking responsibility for a sustainable and continuous availability of drinking water, a clean source and conscious water usage.

Work packages

Theme Treatment has the following work packages:

Digitalisation and service innovation

The goal of this work package is adjusting service (24/7) to the individual information needs of our clients, through digitalisation. A total picture of the ideal customer journey and the usage of client and product data are essential for this. We also require a total view of the contribution that virtual agents and real-time data can make to the 24/7 service. We want to learn from the proven service solutions of other service-oriented companies, and optimise the customer focus and skills of our employees.

Client as stakeholder

The goal of this work package is increasing the commitment and raising the awareness of our clients regarding the subject of drinking water. Both the product drinking water and our societal role as a drinking water provider. Visualising sustainable initiatives, increasing the appreciation of and mutual responsibility for the quality and quantity of drinking water play a great part in this.


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