the 8 themes

of the innovation and research agenda

We will be carrying out several projects in the coming years on the following 8 themes. Each theme has its own story. Curious which story that is? View all themes below



Our wells are the most important asset available to us as a drinking water company. There is no high-quality drinking water without a reliable source.

Circular economy and environment

As a drinking water company, we are at the heart of society. We work closely with customers, shareholders and stakeholders on our core task.

Integral Assetmanagement

We do not make choices with regard to our drinking water infrastructure for a few years, but for decades and sometimes for a hundred years. In today’s world, however, we need to be able to respond more quickly to developments, without sacrificing reliability.


The digitisation of society creates plenty of opportunities. Technology and data (modelling) make it possible to monitor and control processes and infrastructure from source to tap (and also the surrounding environment).


Drinking water infrastructure is capital intensive and has a long lifespan. Its design requires insight into future developments; such as urbanization, customer behaviour, water use and climate change.

Safe and healthy drinking water

The quality of the drinking water we supply is a top priority. Customers must be able to blindly rely on safe and healthy drinking water.


Providing top-quality drinking water to our customers at any time of the day. That is what we strive for. Appropriate purification (robust and flexible) is a crucial part of this.


Every day we provide 5.6 million customers with high-quality drinking water. It is of vital importance that our customers are satisfied with the product, that they can manage water issues effortlessly and that we provide them with appropriate service.

Together, reliable, future-proof